Getting Down with the Sickness
Woman Suffering With Morning Sickness In Bathroom At Home

Getting Down with the Sickness

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Smug me thought at week 6 when I wasn’t feeling the least bit sick that I had escaped the dreaded morning sickness. I was wrong.

Come week 7 the urge to vomit was in strong and I was disappointed to find, it wasn’t just a morning feeling, but an all the time feeling.

I jumped on google and straight to the NHS webpage to find out how to quell the quease.

So if you are here and wondering what can help, I strongly recommend you have a look at the NHS guidance because I am in no way trained to give medical advice. Having said that, here’s a few things I did which helped me cope.

– Have a bottle of water with you at all times. I found the colder the better and little regular sips. It also makes sure you stay hydrated if you are seeing most of your meals more than once.

– Eating a ginger biscuit before getting out of bed and keeping them by the bed for night times too. The smell of ginger infused tea was sometimes enough help when I was at work and the canteen smell came pouring in.

– Eat what your body is telling you to eat (unless its something on the no no list for preggos of course and watch the caffeine contents). I remember one night I had to send Manface out for frosted shreddies… I NEEDED THEM! He presented them to me in bed, in a mixing bowl and with a big spoon. Good boy.

– Grapes and other berries because they are small and a constant stream of them knocked the edge off (and didn’t taste too bad if/when they came for a second visit). I am sure sweets and chocolate would have the same effect but not quite as nutritionally beneficial.

– Fresh air, if its winter stepping outside for some time helps.

– A fan, if its summer to blow cool air onto your face. If its really hot put a bowl of ice in front of the fan and its more like air con. A nice cool flannel dabbed on the face was nice too.

– A select couple of colleagues you can trust to keep your secret and to be able to help cover for you when you have to suddenly dash. Its also a good idea to include a first aider in your select group of trusted work folk just in case you have a funny turn

– If you are being very sick, feel dizzy, faint or anything that you aren’t sure about call the midwives or the Doctors if you haven’t had your midwife appointment yet. They honestly would rather you call and be checked and everything be ok than the alternative.

When I had morning sickness with both the little beans, I was working in an office of 200 people. Trying to vomit and come back without everyone figuring out what you are up to is a fine art. I mentioned having a jippy tum, probably related to the previous nights dinner, or having a few too many glasses on a school night to throw people off the scent if they asked. By the time you are ready to tell people, there will already be a bunch of people who have figured it out. Probably a rumour or two but most folk are usually polite enough to let you say it when you are ready.

Most of all, remember to rest. I know how it is wanting to plan and do stuff, but those first 12 weeks are exhausting. Its not laziness to do the absolutely necessary only and then go to bed. Your body is embarking on the most incredible task and it needs to have all the energy you can give it. You are making a person!