How to Get the Photos of Your Dreams!

How to Get the Photos of Your Dreams!

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When you book a photographer, it should be because you love their work and style. Of course, budget comes into play but when you are paying out potentially hundreds of pounds, choose one who’s work you love. Yes it is true that we all have our own unique interpretation of what makes a beautiful final image. But how do we make sure that both client and photographer are on the same page with regards to expected results? Here’s a helpful guide on how to communicate what you love to get the photos of your dreams.

Discuss Colours

We all have colours we love and hate. Some photographers do all neutrals so this conversation isn’t required there. Myself and others have a full rainbow of tones and colours to choose from for your newborn, maternity session or cake smash. Even if you are having a lifestyle session and providing your own clothes, always discuss colours up front. Your photographer will be able to help you with this. They can suggest how to match colours and outfits that will look great together and ‘pop’ against your chosen location. This enables the photographer to design your session beforehand (leaving more of your session time for snapping rather than trying different setups!) Also, they can make sure they have the equipment for the setups you want.

If you aren’t sure, look at your home and the colours you have decorated and furnished with. You want your art to fit in and flow with your home style.

Discuss Style

Ok so this is in the realm of colours, but more about mood. After every shoot, your photographer will edit your photos to turn them into Art. This is a long process of minor adjustments to enhance your images to a professional standard. Of course, the photographer will do all they can to get the image right in camera but that is only half of the job. Post editing is the other half. So there are a few things that can be done and it’s all down to your preferences so be clear in discussions with your photographer. Firstly, the overall mood of the photo. Do you prefer cool tones or warm? Light and Airy or Dark and Dramatic? Some photographers only do one or the other so make sure you can see what you want in their body of work.

Myself, I do both. but again, it needs to be planned for. I can not create a warm glow from a morning shoot on a cloudy day. That warm golden glow is because the session took place just before the sunset. Similarly, with maternity sessions, you can have outdoors sessions, sessions in your home, or a posed studio session. With posed studio sessions are you after the fine art look or do you prefer a little nakey rawness? Discuss it up front. The best way to communicate moods and styles is the next top tip!

Send Examples

The best way to show your ideas is to send examples of what you want! Look at the photographers gallery and find the things you like. Particularly the images that made you choose them. If, however, your chosen photographer does not have examples of what you would like you can show photos of other photographers work but (and this is a biggie) it should be at the point of booking. The reason for this is because you photographer may not be able to offer you what you are looking for. For example, if you book a studio photographer and want outdoor sessions, they might not offer this service. Make a Pinterest board of ideas to discuss with your chosen Tog.

I get it, sometimes you are selecting a photographer because of budget. Remember, the photographer who will give you 100 images for £50 is not going to be able to produce the work of the photographer that gives you 20 images for £500.

I hope this guide helps you discuss what you want and gets you the photos of your dreams.

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