Studio Maternity Session vs Location  Maternity Session
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Studio Maternity Session vs Location Maternity Session

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Studio maternity session vs location maternity session? It depends on two things mainly. Firstly, the weather. This is Britain and we are prone to gloomy autumn and winters, which leads to a lot of rescheduling. Secondly, which style do you prefer because they are quite different.

Location Lifestyle Maternity Session

My style of location photography is fun, vibrant and romantic. We are very fortunate in our lovely Norwich and Norfolk to have some wonderful locations for photography. The beaches and fields, the historical spots and woodland areas are phenomenal. That’s the locations covered. Lifestyle and prompted photography is less posed and more about movement. I direct you and snap away whilst you carry out said action. for maternity, it tends to be quite calm actions of course. For example, ‘hold hands and walk towards me, now look at each other.’ This sort of photography is well suited if you have other little folk coming along too because it is more engaging. I can use prompts like, ‘Where is baby? Can you hold baby? Can you hear baby? Press your ear against mummy and see if you can hear baby.’

Location Maternity Photoshoot Norwich – Walk to me and look at each other
Studio Maternity Session

My style of studio maternity photography is somewhat unique for Norfolk. Raw, simple, connected and dramatic. And generally looks best in black and white. Studio maternity session with me are minimalist. This means bodysuits, cropped tops, undies and nudes. YES! I said nudes. To make sure my clients are comfortable I always have a chat at the start of a session and show my photo folder so see what they like and what they don’t like. We then start with a crop top or body suit and slowly as you get more comfortable, try the undies or nude photos. Also, I’ve seen my share of boobs and fanny’s in my time so if you are happy to bare all. I promise I’m not looking at your lady bits. As a professional and I am looking for flattering angles, shadows and composition. I make sure that you aren’t showing anything your would prefer not to. Honestly, these sessions are incredible and hugely empowering.

Studio maternity session vs location maternity session? Ultimately, both types yield beautiful results and each very different from the other. What’s your favourite style? Message me for more info on contact me, and follow me on facebook and instagram for the more recent session images.