The Booking Process
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The Booking Process

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Ok so you have seen something you like on my website or social media and you have a vague idea of what you want for your session. Now what happens? This blog will answer all of your questions around the booking process and beyond.

Step 1: Reach Out

Start the booking process by dropping me a message through your desired channel. There are tons of ways to contact me, via the contact me page, on the messenger, Facebook, Insta, Email, WhatsApp… I’m all over. Tell me a little bit about what you were thinking about booking, send photo examples of what sort of things you like and we can go from there.

Step 2: Choose a Date

I’m pretty flexible with evenings and weekends currently with Manface not travelling for work so tell me when you are free around your work and life commitments and I will see what I can do. However, the best time to book all sessions is as soon as you decide you want one! Don’t delay and mull it over because you may miss out on availability. I will always do my best to accommodate but don’t be a last minute Larry where possible.

Step 3: Pay Me

Yep, it’s the time in the booking process to part with some of those hard earned pounds. The session fee acts as your deposit and I will block out your date (birth payments plans are a little different so I will do a separate blog on those at some point). The deposit is none refundable. I hear you, we never know the exact date when baby will be here (planned c sections aside) for newborn sessions. It’s ok, I’ll book for your due date and once baby is here, drop me a quick message and we will get them booked in within those first 14 days. Equally, of course if you have booked an outdoor session and the good ole British weather lets us down, we can adjust to a more suitable date.

Step 4: Paperwork

Dulness at its finest but absolutely necessary to protect both you and me before, during and after the session. This is also a great opportunity to tell me what you like. There is quite a bit of it so I will give a brief summery.

a) Terms and Conditions – all the legal biz regarding liabilities and rights to images etc

b) What to Expect including Model Release – Info about your session and option to opt out of the use of your images in my galleries and marketing

c) Covid 19 Agreement – a recent addition covering hygiene and a request not to come to my house with symptoms, thank you kindly

d) Questionnaire – This is a fun one that I am now putting together for each session (already have one for birth so I figure, I’ll do one for all types of session). I want to know about you, your story, likes and dislikes, colours schemes you have in mind, any special requests etc. The more I know about you, the more I can tailor your experience and images to your style and create a bespoke experience.

e) Welcome Pack – Still in development again, but I will be producing a Welcome Pack covering the prices, some examples of picture sizes and how they look on a wall, introduce you to the studio and me (oh, hiya!). I want to make this

Step 5: That Time in Between

We may have already discussed and ironed out what you want for your session, but if you still have ideas popping into your head, and you want to talk them over, message me. If you are buying a new outfit for yourself or your family for your session and need some help matching colours, message me. If you have made a board on Pinterest of stuff you love, message me. Basically anything you want to say, message me. Don’t wait until the day, don’t think you are being needy, I am here to give you the bespoke session you are paying for.

Step 6: Only Applicable for Newborn Sessions

OMG OMG BABY IS HERE WAAAHHH! Look, I have been there, done it twice. Once not so pleasant experience and one delightfully easy experience. Was the first thing on my mind when I was trying to shove my boob in the smallest mouth I’d ever seen, ‘ah better text the photographer.’ No. No it wasn’t. But please dooooo! I want to get your date secured within those first magical 14 days whilst baby is still fresh, and curly. I will absolutely work around midwife appointments, and anything else essential. Just ding me a message, even if it’s the middle of the night and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, got an excited granny, bring her along. I have room for three spectators in the studio, but please let me know who’s coming along.

Step 7: Photo Day!

First up, it’s normal to be nervous and excited. I am always excited too because I love it. I promise, I got you. By the time the shoot is here I will have chatted to you, read your questionnaire and have a plan to get the photos you have envisaged.

Step 8: Editing

After your session I will get to work on your photos. I will edit one photo within a few days of your session and ping in across to you. This is a ‘sneak peek’ and will give you an opportunity to tell me if you are happy with the edit. Ultimately, I want you to be delighted with your pictures. If there’s something you are not feeling about it, tell me. I will then continue to edit the rest of your gallery in the same way as the sneak peek. You can expect delivery your private watermarked proofing gallery online within 3 weeks.

Step 9: Viewing and Ordering

Once you have seen your proofing gallery you have a week to decide on what you want to buy from the list of packages. I have in total 6 packages currently. 4 that are for Digitals and Prints and 2 that are Digital Only. There is something for every budget. Additionally there is an A La Carte menu for you to add on additional artwork with any package purchased. The A La Carte includes canvas, framed photos, art panels and more. O can also quote for specific items or sizes as you need. All prints are ordered by me through my partner printing lab, and they are superb. Honestly, stunning. Here are links for more information on the packages or examples of the artwork products available.

Step 10: Pay Me Part Deux

It’s that time in the booking process to part with those pennies again. You have chosen what you would like. Messaged me with the order and I will invoice you for the payment. You can pay via bank transfer or Paypal. Once paid, the digitals you have bought I will get online and unwatermarked for you within 3 days. You can download from this gallery. Print orders I will place within 3 days also and I will give you a timeframe of when to expect your beautiful products.

Step 11: Delivery of Products

I will be super excited to get your products to you so I will message you the day they are delivered to me. From here you can come and pick them up, or if you are local I will likely be able to drop them off for you.

Step 12: A Request

I sincerely hope that you are happy with the whole experience. The sessions are usually more memorable than the photos that came out of it. I aim to provide a bespoke service that you have enjoyed, as well as top quality photos and products. If I have met your expectations, do me a favour and spread the word. Tell your friends and family, write me a testimonial for Google, Facebook, or my website. Customer service is massively important to me as an individual and as a business. So yep, enjoyed the booking process, love the photos, be a promoter and share the love.

I hope this has answered any questions you might have about the booking and process that goes into building your session and delivering the photos of your dreams. For me, there is nothing better than giving you the moments you want to treasure forever.

Rebecca xo

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