The Products

Today we live in a digital world and often we forget how much beauty there is in printed photos. Sharing images online has its place in the world, particularly for those of us with relatives far away. However displaying your precious moments on your pin board, fridge, desk and walls really brings out those happy bubbles in your tummy. All the products I offer are available in different styles and budgets. Of course I can also look at alternative items and sizes and give a quote.

Because we all have printed photos in a self service centre and the colours have come out weird. Or bought ourselves a cheap canvas but it’s faded terribly within a year. There is a huge quality difference when using a great professional print lab and I am proud to be able to offer these products to my customers.

So this beautiful crafted photo book is an excellent alternative to the classic albums, a real high end product tailor made for you. Options include cover material and colour and laser etched personalisation. The photo book comes in two sizes, 5 spreads (10 sides) and suitable for 10 to 20 photos or 10 spreads (20 sides) and suitable for 20 to 40 photos.

Lightweight and spectacular, The Art Panel is a sure favourite. Sophisticated and modern, it comes with a black edge band around the panel, providing a subtle finished seal. The Art Panel has a metal plate fixing on the back allowing you to hang it effortlessly. Rubber bumpers (included) assures it sits evenly on your wall.

High quality prints available in two different finishes, gloss or lustre. With the two larger packages where you will be receiving either 40 or 80 prints, included is a special keepsake photobox to accompany your prints. Customise with a choice of leatherette or linen covers and personalise with UV printing. The difference in quality between these and in-store printers including my calibrated home printer blew me away. The colour accuracy and richness of these prints is absolutely second to none.

With a range of sizes to choose from, the wrap features a gloss or satin laminate finish to offer the greatest protection. Additionally, high tension stretching maintains the material structure of the canvas. A fabulous way to display your family photographs as art.

An exquisitely unique way to display your photographs. These carefully crafted wall products create a talking point in the home. High class luxury but also lightweight, The Cluster is simply stunning.