Those Preggo Feels… Part Two
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Those Preggo Feels… Part Two

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Those Preggo Feels… Part Two. Here’s just a handful.

The furniture was built, the clothes washed and put away and there I am, hot, achy and considering the next snack. The wriggler inside my tummy giving me little jabs and pokes to let me know that they are there and starting to run out of room. Those last few weeks came with a strange feeling. I was a mother but not.

We had all of the gear, read the books and could have a nap standing up but I did not yet have a baby. I couldn’t imagine their face. Would they be dark haired like Eric, curly like me? Would they be bald? (based on the amount of Gaviscon I was chucking down on the daily, I suspected not.) Will I have a Son or a Daughter? I didn’t know what would feel like to hold the tiny human residing with one foot in my ribs. I didn’t know what that love felt like.

Waiting to see my little one seemed to take forever. But as I rubbed my belly, I wondered if I would miss this feeling. Stripping down to my undies and looking at myself in the mirror, I knew I would. Sure, I was ready to claim my body back, lose the swollen feet and the waddle but this connection, the changes in my body, were incredible. And I loved them. Grabbing my phone for a quick photo to remember this feeling and doing a quick snap in front of the mirror was what I have in my collection. I am so glad I have them. However, weird face pulling and shampoo bottles in the background don’t exactly capture the majesty of what my body was doing.

What all of you human growing lovelies are doing.

Aaaand my point is….

With the rise of social media and the improvement in mobile phone cameras, we are now a society of image collectors. Gone are the days of 3 family photo albums depicting your entire childhood. Hello are the days of taking photos most days to remember moments in everyday life.

Now let me ask you, what are the most significant moments in your life journey? Graduating University? Professional photo. Wedding? Professional photos and maybe a Videographer. Holiday? Professional photos sold to you by the hotel or trip photographer. But pregnancy, giving birth, and the first few weeks of your baby being earth side, a super small percentage of people professionally document this in the UK.

We wanted a birth photographer but there were none in the area when I was giving birth, either time. I did have professional photoshoots of both my little sausages when they were fresh out of the oven (thank goodness!) and I cherish them dearly.

I did not have maternity photos and it is a regret I will have to live with, because I will not be having any more children.

Moreover, I am extremely happy and privileged to be able to offer these services to you, my little Norfolk Dumplings. I want to capture your significant moments, your way. I offer a bespoke service tailoring my skills to your tastes. You might have those preggo feels but these moments are precious. Don’t miss them.

Have a look at my galleries for ideas or drop me a message if you can’t see exactly what you want and I’ll be happy to discuss your ideas. Have a look on Pinterest for ideas.