What is a Maternity Photoshoot

What is a Maternity Photoshoot

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Being pregnant is such an incredible journey. I like to celebrate pregnant bodies as the incredible and beautiful things they are. Maternity photography is becoming more and more popular. But what should you expect at a maternity photoshoot?

Ok ok I get it, some aspects of pregnancy leave you feeling somewhat unglamorous, what with the needing help with shoelaces and restless nights. But stay with me and hear me out.

Your body is doing something amazing. You are making a person. It is expanding to give little one room. It is preparing to make milk. Not to mention all of the little details that are being built inside you.

That flutter or nudge. When baby starts to give you a prod to let you know, they are there and getting stronger every day. It really makes up for all of the aches and pains doesn’t it.

9 months is the longest time when you are pregnant but trust me, after ts done, it seems like minutes. As you remove the maternity clothes from the wardrobe or are sat in the wee small hours feeding your beautiful little person, you forget about that feeling and bond of when you shared your body.

So what does a maternity photoshoot entail?

It can be approached in a few different ways depending on your style.

You can have a traditional posed portrait session in studio. These are often very elegant and striking images.

You can have an outdoors lifestyle session where you follow a few prompts to get more natural movement and beauty. In Norfolk it’s a blessing to have so much magnificent scenery and countryside to chose your perfect setting. This suits including your partner or your other children.

You can choose a lifestyle session at home. Living your everyday life in your personal space can be a very intimate and personal experience. Standing next to items you have ready for babies arrival is so emotive.

I offer all of these sessions, tailor made to you. Celebrate the bump, the bond and the connection of this magical time.

Now you know what to expect at a maternity photoshoot, drop me a message with my contact me. I’d love to have a chat about how I can help to tell your story.

Lastly, for inspiration, here’s a search on Pinterest to help you decide what you would like.

Maternity Photoshoot Norfolk
Beauty in the poppy fields of Norfolk