What is Birth Photography?
Those first few moments

What is Birth Photography?

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Simply put, birth photography is photographic documentation of your labour, birth and your first hour or two with your new baby. But it is so much more.

Labour and birth is a huge event! Even bigger than your wedding day but for weddings you would hire a photographer. Much like weddings, labour and the birth of your child becomes a blur when you look back on it. I know this to be true having two kidless myself. The raw, natural beauty of birthing a new person into the world is emotionally intense. It is, the biggest privilege afforded to anyone and to end up with a few badly taken photos on your birth partners phone can be quite upsetting.

But a stranger in my birth space? Hmmm not sure about that.

Now you may be thinking that another person down the ‘business end’ let alone taking photos of it is not for you. That’s ok. I understand and actually if you would prefer me to stay up above the gown that’s fine. Because what I am capturing is the connection between you and your body. You and your birthing partner and all of the intense emotion as you bring your sweet baby into the world. Equally, if you want me down the ‘business end’, no problem. I am a professional and I have seen it all before.

I also appreciate how personal and intimate your birth space is an I will respect this. Im not in your face, with a flash, clickety clicking away. I am blending into the background, quietly observing and getting those once in a lifetime photos.

So what do I get for my money?

Initially at first glance birth photography could be considered as pricey but let me break it down for you and show you that it’s totally worth it.

Firstly, upon enquiring, I would come and meet you for a cuppa and a chat. I want to make sure you and your birthing partner are comfortable with me being in your birth space and feel at ease.

If you then choose to book, I would take a deposit to secure the date(s). As babies rarely come on their due date I will be on-call 24 hours a day 7 days a week from 38 weeks until the birth. The paperwork (contract and questionnaire) is send to you, for you to work through. Also book to come and see you again to discuss the questionnaire, your birth plan and resolve any worries you might have.

All you now have to do is wait until the day! We will stay in touch and you can let me know when things start moving for you. I am well versed in the stages of labour and birth, and recommend to be present from around 5cm dilated.

Once I am with you I will remain with you in your birth space from when you are in established labour until one to two hours after baby is earthside.

Then I leave for you to enjoy your new little one and I will start to edit (after some food and likely a sleep). Within 3 weeks I will present you with a full gallery of beautiful images of your birth.

Still not sold?

I can not explain it. You need to see it. Click here for images of birth photography.

If you have questions or want to discuss what I can do for you, contact me.

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