What is lifestyle photography?

What is lifestyle photography?

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Lifestyle photography is about storytelling through imagery. Sitting between posed portraiture and documentary photography, lifestyle gives a romantic feel and natural movement to photographs.

Norwich, Norfolk, blesses us with beautiful countryside and coastline which offers the perfect backdrop for this type of photography. With natural landscapes and stunning golden tones of sunset and sunrise can often yield some magnificent results. The forestry scenery we have is perfect for autumnal sessions, with the leaves turning and warm woody undergrowth.

Although it is far from your, ‘look at the camera and say cheese,’ kind of portraiture, posing and styling still plays an important role to keep the movement in the pictures. I use a technique known as promptography to guide you through a session. I give instructions such as, hold hands with mummy and look at each other. Now walk away from me, holding your dress with your other hand mum. And now both of you look back over your shoulder towards me. This flow of movements tells a story, no forced smiles, just natural beauty. Often, you find that these photos create a wonderful cluster or collage of images that compliment one another with fantastic results.

Equipped with prompts for every kind of session, from maternity to family, surprise engagement to solo kids so you never need to worry about how to stand as I direct you. This is usually a preferred style of photography for those folk who tend to hide from the camera because they just have to have fun and be themselves. Equally, I continue to snap away at the in-between moments too! If you are having a picnic or the kids are playing around in their own way, these make for great opportunities to capture you in real life.

Can lifestyle photography only be achieved outside?

No, lifestyle photography is equally lovely in your home. It’s a great way to capture everyday family life but completing a typical task or two. You could bake cookies as a family or it could be as simple as dressing and feeding your baby. Think of me as a fly on the wall and ignore me as I move. The aim is to simply create art in your space, whist you are completing regular activities. Promtps and posing in this situation is minimal. Completing the tasks themselves often yield the results we are looking for. Simple, stylish and wonderful to look back on for years to come.

To enquire about a session, why not drop me a message using my contact form. I can help you tell your story, your way. Looking for inspiration? This Pinterest search offers examples of sessions which can help you decide what you would like.

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Prompt: Tell mummy how beautiful she is